• Maggie Janovski

Becoming an Alchemist

Changing the way we eat has effects on our physical and emotional health, but what about our thoughts?

I hear many people label themselves and their illnesses. While we MUST be willing to look at our pain head on, how we speak to ourselves says a lot about our healing process.

When I took my traumatic experiences and realized the power the healing process afforded me, I became empowered vs. targeted. Of course it was a journey. Nothing happens overnight, as I was barely out of my teens. But, dedication to the cause the cause being ME and MY health. My self empowerment 🙌🏻

My practice is built upon self empowerment.

The ability to face our traumas and our bodies and say “you are teaching me something and I will listen and move on knowing I am stronger for it” is very powerful.

By taking something and alchemizing it to something beautiful, we strengthen our North Star and our intuition and hence, the connection to our bodies. 💜

With Love, Maggie

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