• Maggie Janovski

Cancer and Big Pharma

Cancer is a FEAR based IMBALANCE.

NOT a “diagnosis” not “stage 3” NOT death. It’s simply a sign.

Most cancer care in our day and age, consists of a diagnosis, and immediate chemotherapy and radiation treatment, often followed by massive, invasive surgery to remove vital organs of one’s body. Not only does cutting and oxidation of tissue under such immense loads of inflammation cause it’s own problem, cutting is something we take far too lightly.

Monthly costs for chemotherapy can run from $6,000 - $17,000 CAD, with some alternate and additional drugs covered by OHIP, some not.

The sad reality, is that most cancers have a “remission” shelf life of a few years. The intense treatments that allopathic doctors push on patients often times creates NEW cancers years later.

Bandage solution over bandage solution 🤕

In Ontario, Canada (please do research if you’re located elsewhere for accurate information around this test and the following costs) we have a blood test called the CEA test.

This test measures a protein called CEA in the blood. People with some types of cancers have higher than normal levels of this substance. Oncologists use this test during chemotherapy care to monitor progression.

Interestingly, searching for information on this test gives the expected results (not accurate, not normally useful) HOWEVER, it CAN detect changes very early on, before progression of the illness.

Hasn’t the government been preaching for years the effectiveness of early detection? Or does that only apply to radiation dense mammograms? 💡

So, you may ask… much does this test cost?

$35.00 CAD

If we look into the Cancer Act of Ontario, we can see that:

* Oncology aims to research or treat - there is no section that states the intent is to cure - only if there is a remedy that they can take away from you

* Natural health clinics - Can be taken from the owner; along with the land if the government deems it a threat IE: Dishing out natural fixes.

In our best interests? Care of the public?

I don’t think so.

Never stop questioning 💡

Love, Maggie

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