• Maggie Janovski

Children of the New Earth

Updated: Apr 28

We are seeing our children incarnate now that have signed up to assist in the ushering in of a new era in humanity. The intuitive, connected and insightful aspects are already tuned up high.

I have been hearing about many children remembering the planets and even universes they originated from and the issues that we have struggled with, they already have solutions for. They are using their technological know how, not for video games and chat rooms, but for doing live chats with other Starseeded youngsters around the world to talk about the cosmos

These children are very often aware of the children currently in the karmic hell of being trafficked, caged and tortured here on Earth by the elite. They are already awake and ready to help.

They are choosing their schooling methodology, are meditating, are exercising their artistic talents, have much respect for adults and understand that LOVE is the only currency needed

These children will be assisting many Lightworkers over the years to come 💜

If you have a chance to chat with a young child, they have so much wisdom to share. Our future is dependent upon building relationships with the New Children, as equals and partners in peace.

Love, Maggie xoxo

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