• Maggie Janovski

Re Pivoting

When is it time to re pivot as it pertains to social media (IG)?

When is the density calling you to lighten up?

It's been a life changing and truly curious year. We have witnessed the WAKING UP of so many souls. Those seeing beyond the veil of corporate corruption and greed.

And many are still slumbering away.

Some days, I've felt like I wanted to shake these unlucky few and scream at them "why can't you SEE?!?!"

Your life is YOURS.

Your choices are YOURS.

Here is the information for f*cks sake!

Of course, I haven't done any of the above. Some days, I wonder if NOT doing more caused more harm than good. Other days, I shake my head sadly, because I know it's not my responsibility.

Some days, I wonder what else would have ended the friendships, job opportunities, and networking possibilities if this event hadn't been so divisive. Because, really, something would have.

The jarring scope of this event on humanity just made it extra painful, extra sore. On both my heart and my body.

While my own health has had it's ups and downs this past year, and stress reduction should be ALL of our priorities, I know that my being here to stand strong in the face of deception, lies and malevolence has been crucial.

And it's nearing it's end.

I said a year ago, that social media has always had a best before date for me.

To be honest, there has to be something that I gain. Something that I learn. This concept, for me, is essential to anything I invest my time and energy in.

When the fight, the battle, the rush of KNOWING ceases to have impact, I need to reconsider.

Full of regurgitated information and a drain on my senses.

At some point I need to ask: Am I receiving? Am I gaining clientele? Am I changing anyone's life?

Is my goal being achieved? Is anyone ACTUALLY interested in change?

Am I fighting for social media free rights because it's enriching my life or because there's a deep principle here that I am determined to fight against.

My core driver in life is helping people through nutrition - full, organic, holistic WHOLE FOOD nutrition of body, mind and soul.

Am I achieving that? Are people interested or interested in BEING interested?

Am I regurgitating? Am I depleting my energy and not recuperating it?

I certainly feel bored, see the same posts, hear the same information.

What is the fight about?

As I consider and deeply ponder my stance on social and weigh my options for the future, I invite you ALL, dear readers, to do the same.

Don't feel the need to rush it.

What are you giving, what are you GAINING?

Are you exhausted or are you still THRIVING?

What can you do more of and what can you let go?

And I encourage you to do what provides, let go of what doesn't.


Love, Maggie

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