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The Role of Cognitive Dissonance

Updated: Apr 28

When we consider the phrase "cognitive dissonance" we think of a sort of illness. When we examine the idea of this emotional state, specifically in the New Age community, it is demonized and something to be wiped clean from introspective evaluation.

Indeed, this blog and this website in it's entirety, is not New Age. I've taken my examination of the idea and role of cognitive dissonance and view it as a part of the awakening process, and integration of self.

Just as anxiety served it's purpose in the days of rubbing sticks together to build fire, but is now a hindrance for many on day to day functioning, cognitive dissonance serves a purpose to keep us safe. We rely on our subconscious mind to step in and numb us to things that happen around us from time to time.

I believe there is a "spark" that becomes ignited in each person's life that awakens them to their true nature of existence in the universe, and essentially elevates the cognitive dissonance that has kept them safely hidden away from themselves.

It is said that timing is everything, and this appears to be true. We can also believe that some never awaken from their slumber, but I believe that this is more a matter of those that are awake and those that are not, missing each other in the elevation of consciousness. A sort of "you go right, I'll go left"

The idea that a safe slumber is "bad" is a jump of the gun. While we should strive to break illusion, I do believe in the "toe dip" affect of a little bit here, a little bit there. Less shock, more incentive to go further and further along the road of self discovery.

The threat of ego dissolution, while not consciously recognized by each person, plays a role in the speed at which one wakes up. For those of us that have encountered total ego dissolution, comfort plays no role in that process. So, much like the cave man's benefit of anxiety (increased adrenaline) the ego seeks to protect itself by staying asleep.

For when we sleep, we remain SAFE.

Try dipping your toes into a new topic this weekend. Perhaps something you don't resonate on the surface with. You may be surprised what you take away from the experience.

Much Love, Maggie xx

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