• Maggie Janovski

This or This - Protein

Fake food kills.

Real food heals.

It’s that simple.

The fact is, most people, would scratch their heads and say “well, the ingredients on the left don’t look so bad”

Methylcellulose is a binding and thickening agent, commonly used as a laxative, meaning, that man made food is not meant to be consumed, much less digested. The lab that created it has to add items to allow your body to digest it.

Not to mention the addition of nutrient void carbohydrates, the most common reason behind massive gut and depressive issues around the globe. But, more on that in a later post 💁‍♀️

Keep in mind, the above are all things that the elite....the very same ones we’re not trusting with injections...are pushing.

The governments historical track record around human health? FAIL ❌

With so much false advertising bought and paid for by the government to demonize meat (nutritionally, environmentally and socially) and put towards man made inventions, one would have to start scratching their heads.

Even talking about being an intuitive eater gets hate - a very, VERY big red flag for me on the state of our collective consciousness and programming.

If you’re a vegetarian and didn’t know about this line of products - now you do, and knowledge is power ✌️💜

Love, Maggie

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