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Holistic Nutrition for Personal Empowerment.
Orthomolecular Health.
Modern Healing with Traditional Roots.

Welcome to White Willow!


I am a Holistic Nutritionist, and a student of both the Edison Institute of Nutrition and the Michael Harner School for Shamanic Studies, and was a Shamanic apprentice for several years.


I have studied spirituality, psychology, traditional philosophy and holistic based nutritional health and anatomy for over17 years, both while living abroad in Switzerland, as well as Toronto, Canada, my current home.

My approach to holistic health is just that - an integrative, functional, comprehensive and unique approach to diet and well being.

I believe that supporting both our immune and spiritual systems, is critical to total body health. Having gone through extensive medical and emotional trauma, I recognize the importance of treating everyone as unique and sovereign beings, empowering each of my clients in their quest for good health.









  1. Of, relating to, or being a theory holding that physical and mental abnormalities result from various chemical imbalances or deficiencies, and can be cured by restoring proper levels of chemical substances, such as vitamins and minerals, in the body.

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Why See a Holistic Nutritionist?


Holistic Nutritionist's bring a unique set of skills to healing chronic health symptoms, or "ILL - ness." Because we are rigorously trained in traditional, essential streams of study - that being biology, chemistry, psychology and other forms of standard education pertaining to the functions of the body, we have a deep understanding of bodily functions, interactions and side effects of various chemicals and foods, and the effects of the mind / body connection. We are clinically trained to work with people, and have to abide by strict protocol to even use the term RHN. 

My work focuses on a symbiotic approach to healing - how the emotions, mind and personal history have a profound effect on our current level of health. By taking an Orthomolecular approach to healing, I ensure that imbalance is discovered and homeostasis restored through food and emotional work.

Holistic nutrition should focus on using all of what nature has to offer to heal.

Episode 1- Maggie Janovski: Holistic Nutritionist & Shamanic Healer

The first episode of our series, we broke all the health guidelines to have a wonderful chat with holistic nutritionist and shamanic healer Maggie Janovski to discuss some of the more unconventional ways to take charge of our own well-being and body sovereignty.

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