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See What Some of My Clients Are Saying


"I came to Maggie with a gut issue that I had been struggling with most of my adult life. I’d seen doctors and specialists only to be told that I would need to take medication to fix it, with no underlying cause identified.

She took a very holistic approach and reviewed my whole health, past and present, and came up with a plan that really worked for me as a busy new mom. She was also available to chat and answer any questions I had, so I felt very supported as we worked together. It’s been about two months and I am so pleased that my gut issues have resolved completely and I’ve discovered I’m able to eat more foods that I had previously eliminated

I've healed more with her help in a few months, then I did in 20 years with other practitioners."



"Maggie brought a piece of my child self back to me that I had lost in a trauma and I couldn’t be more grateful... she also revealed to me my animal guide, who I now know has helped me find courage my whole life, I look to him for strength in any situation I need him. What Maggie told me really made a lot of other things in my life make sense."


" I was introduced to a lot of useful information and became aware of things I realized I needed to be more mindful of for my personal health. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to build better habits, or add on to what they already know.

The spiritual reading was also very interesting! I have been reading up on my animal guide and trying to dig even deeper to really incorporate the teachings. Maggie is a skilled and very gifted healer."


"As someone very interested in natural means of healing and improving well-being, I was very excited to work with Maggie. The questions that were asked not only helped with the assessment but also made me take a deeper look into my daily habits and routine. The assessment she shared was well detailed and captured areas that require immediate attention and potential health risks in the long run. I am looking forward to incorporating the suggested aspects into my life and making positive changes!"​


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