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Holistic Nutrition Assessments:

What to Expect

My work in natural healing started when I was "diagnosed" with Premature Ovarian Failure (infertility and related health complications) in my very early 20's. After that, I was given more diagnosis's such as bone issues, cysts and growths in various areas (and stages) of my body, and psychological side effects like depression. I was repeatedly told that to have a decent quality of life, numerous pharmaceuticals would be necessary for the remainder of my life. My diagnosis' were supposed to render me sick and immobile (which, clearly, they did not!) Out of that journey, I had to make serious changes to my eating habits and my emotional health - including dropping the label of infertile, sick, or otherwise lacking, altogether.


I have since devoted much of my time to learning about the benefits that good health, good exercise, the cultivation of emotional resilience and ongoing nutrition play in a healthy body and how biochemical individuality mean we all need personalized nutritional support.

Continually upgrading my training through The Edison Institute of Nutrition, utilizing an orthomolecular approach, I have a special interest in helping eliminate chronic symptoms and the effects of acute stress and trauma on the body.

My goal is to empower each of my clients to be able to take my recommendations and be able to easily maintain after our session is completed, with minimal check-ins.

My methodology focuses on the cellular theory approach to health. Based on Antoine Bechamp's theory that the bodily terrain is far more pivotal to the health of the individual than the germs that invade it, I take a fully holistic, and customized approach to each and every client, thus ensuring optimal health. I don't believe in deprivation, but rather, moderation! I utilize all foods, to help you achieve homeostasis. Being a holistic nutritionist, I focus on traditional ancestral based eating (nose to tail.)

I use my intuition to assist in my health assessments and I will also provide a full explanation of what I read empathically, to ensure that the mind, body and spirit are addressed for a fully integrative protocol.

Most importantly, my goal is to get to the root of what is bothering you - NOT focus on a "diagnosis" or label.

I believe and practice:

  • You are NOT an illness, diagnosis, or label.

  • Your symptoms are useful, not illnesses to live by.

  • You are 100% unique, and thus, deserve unique health support.

  • DIS - ease is simply an imbalance that can be addressed with diet and lifestyle changes.

  • In using ALL foods to heal - nose to tail, ancestral eating to nourish and sustain.

  • Pharmaceuticals act as a bandage solution long term, and getting to the root cause of our imbalances through mindfulness, eating the correct foods, and taking personal responsibility for our well being is what heals



 I do NOT believe or practice:

  • In lifetime clients - there should never be a need

  • In deprivation or diets of ANY sort

  • In selling vitamins, water filters, programs, detox's, or anything else - I am not in the business of sales. No quick fix here!

  • In daily, monthly, or weekly "check ins" - all clients are self capable and self governing - we touch base if you need to.

  • In the use of pharmaceuticals to grant good health


Everyone's plan, health suggestions and diet are 100% customized to them.


What you Receive:

  • A complete, professional, in-depth practitioner- grade assessment identifying specific nutritional imbalances that may lead to emotional imbalances and overall physical deterioration with time.

  • Education around vitamins, minerals, assimilation, terrain theory as it relates to YOU and a crash course in intuitive decision making around food.

  • My professional recommendations around lifestyle and nutritional changes to address imbalances as well as detailed integrative approaches to putting it all into action.

  • A detailed intuitive reading to address the ethereal body and instructions around merging the mind, body and spirit to encompass complete homeostasis. 

  • A full week of unlimited access to my time via Zoom, call, or text. I work solely with one client at a time to ensure customized service and personal care. 



Without proper diet, medicine is of no use.

With proper diet, there is no use for medicine. – Ayurveda


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