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Shamanic Healing:

What to Expect

Shamanic healing encompasses energy work, an open mind, and an interest in visiting and facing our traumatic events from the past. Stored and unresolved conscious, unconscious and subconscious experiences throughout our lives, have a profound effect on how we live in the present.

Shamanic Healing first came into my life when I signed up for my own healing session several years ago. The experience allowed me to experience my intuitive and psychic gifts very vividly and I realized I had a powerful ability to travel into other realms remotely. I have taken multiple courses through Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as apprenticed for just over two years under a well known Toronto based Shamanic practitioner.

I combine both Celtic Shamanistic techniques with traditional Indigenous practices, all the while making it my own, following my intuitive guidance for a unique experience for you, the client.


What you receive:

  • An energetic clearing - I remove any emotional and physical "blocks" using music, imagery and cleansing herbs and plants. Some clients tell me that their own psychic abilities are amplified after this.

  • A full, detailed write up of my journey and what messages and imagery I was shown. If you are with me in person, you will also be invited to relax and participate. If done via distance, I will tap into your field using remote methods. This journey very often involves soul retrieval work - going back to either pivotal childhood or adult experiences, that may have left deep imprints on who you are today. 

  • An overview of what significance this imagery has, and how the messages that they convey, can be incorporated into your everyday life.



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